Online Wed Night Study - March Madness

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 … March Madness Home Study


For those who have smart phones … go and download the app “Cold Case Christianity” it’s free in the App Store.

Session 9 “Did Jesus think He was God?”

(open app, select “Quickshots”, select “Related to Jesus, select “Jesus thinking as He was God")

Think about it, He spoke as He was God in first person,  accepts the worship of the people that followed Him, and ... He rose from the grave! He demonstrated He was God!

Check out the video and then look at these scriptures

Scripture reference

John 14 and understanding when Christ states, "those who have seen Me have seen the Father" is huge! At the time He states this it is considered blasphemy and punishment of death is the consequence! Why would anyone say that ... knowing that?! Unless Either the person would be insane, or He would be telling the truth!

Session 10 “Is Jesus a copycat savior?”

(open app, select “Quickshots”, select “Related to the Jesus", select “Jesus a copycat savior?")

Think about it: This video has a lot of interesting information of comparing and contrasting Christ to mythological writings/stories. Which in fact J Warner Wallace states that information on these other 'deities' comparing to Christ are close to 90% incorrect! They have just very few similarities. Very cool when defending our faith when it comes to worldly 'scholars'.

Scruipture reference

Again John 14. "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life"