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Holy Week - Monday
April 6, 2020, 11:00 AM

This week (April 6 - 10) is Holy Week and I wanted to highlight what the Scripture says about the days of this special week.  

After the events of Palm Sunday which is highlighted by Jesus' triumphant entry into the city of Jerusalem, we read the accounts which found in Matthew 21:12-22Mark 11:12-19, & Luke 19:45-48.  There are 2 specific events the Word of God tells us regarding Monday of Holy Week.  Jesus cleansed the temple & spoke a curse on the fig tree he encountered.

Many times in Scripture we read about Jesus' compassion and care. We are given a depiction of the grace and mercy Jesus came to bring as the Lamb of God, the suffering servant.  As Holy week began, however, Jesus began to assert more authority and show a side of Himself that some had not seen or noticed as.  The picture of Jesus in the temple is one of power, authority and righteous indignation (aka - Godly anger).  We are shown that Jesus would not and does not allow His temple to be mocked, nor does He take sin lightly.

Jesus not only claimed spiritual authroity (by clearing the temple of ungoldly profiteers) but He also asserted his authority over creation in cursing the fig tree. Jesus used this opportunity to drive home 2 points to His disciples. The first is that salvation that does not produce good works is dead. This is a repeated theme throughout the New Testament. The second lesson was regarding faith and prayer.  Jesus responded to the questions the disciples had about the fig tree withering so quickly by telling them that God responds to faith in a powerful way.

From the 2 events we read about in Scripture that occurred on Monday we have a 2 applications for our lives:

  1. God takes sin seriously and is angered (righteously) by it - especially sin in His Temple. We are the Temple of God. Therefore, let us take our sin seriously and repent.
  2. God desires that we bear fruit and is willing to hear our prayers. We need to pray for God to bear much fruit in our lives and we need to trust God to answer that prayer!




04-06-2020 at 1:44 PM
k Collins
Where can I find the Holy Wk Service after it is over.?I would like to send it to someone else. Wonderful service. Also, wonderful service Sunday by Jay. Thanks. We appreciated it so much.
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